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Airline Tickets Low Fare

airline tickets low fare

    airline tickets
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Fare's fair at Fine Fare!

Fare's fair at Fine Fare!

On departing Blackpool's Talbot Road Bus Station, Blackpool Corporation Transport 390 (CFR590C), a Metro Cammell bodied Leyland PD3 makes it's way down Talbot Road, passed the Fine Fare Supermarket, before heading out towards Lytham St Anne's a little further down the coast.

Fine Fare was the name of a chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom until the late 1980s. It was famous for its Yellow Pack budget own-label range, probably one of the first store sub brands or tertiary brand names in the UK. The Melias chain of convenience stores was also part of the Fine Fare group.

The company was acquired by Associated British Foods in 1963 and Fine Fare's corporate headquarters were in Welwyn Garden City. Its market share was generally reported as being third behind Sainsurys and Tesco, who were No1 and No2 respectively.

In the mid-1980s, ABF sold the company to The Dee Corporation (then trading as Gateway, nowadays known as Somerfield) as one of a series of acquisitions Dee made around that time including the Woolco and Carrefour hypermarket chains. Following this, all Dee's newly-acquired stores were rebranded as Gateway or closed, and the Fine Fare name disappeared. Later some larger Gateway stores were bought by ASDA and were rebranded.

Photo: Tuesday 1st June 1982.

Fare Evasion Will Cost You

Fare Evasion Will Cost You

The MTA puts all these damn signs all over the place with signs warning, "Fare Evasion Will Cost You." The fact of the matter is that the majority of those who evade the fare are those who can't afford it. Many of these are those with substance abuse issues.

Perhaps the MTA should stop posting these signs everywhere and instead focus on their current budget shortfall. And maybe they could also focus on adjusting the attitude of some MTA workers.

airline tickets low fare

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